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Connor-WEED: The Story of Charlotte's Tangled Web
jennifer kaczmarek
Jun 1, 2016
Connor Wiley is 21 months old. The youngest subject I've ever had. Connor has cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, and epilepsy. He had a stroke at 9 months old. The stroke caused permanent  brain damage in the cerebellum, and temporary paralysis on his right side. Now those muscles are permanently weakened. Over the last 3 months he has been on cannabis oil. His mom says she has seen remarkable advancements in his cognitive and physical/milestone abilities. With the onset of frequent fevers he has gone from 5 seizures a week to 3 in the last 2 months. The pharmaceutical drugs he was prescribed where creating significant  behavioral changes in him such as self harming and bad temperament.  Wiley's are coming out to the public in order to help save their child. They believe they should be able to have cannabis as a choice of medicine for their son. They know that Connor would not have made the advancements that he has made without it.

Backstory to this image. We were outside for not even 5 minutes and Connor's face began too get very flushed, he was becoming lethargic. We had to take him inside. His mom Jackie had to remove his shirt to try to cool him down. She applied a cool wash cloth to his body, as a fever was trying to ensue. This is how fragile this little guy is.

June 1, 2016, Orlando, FL

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